Carrot Company®

【Important Announcement】Notification about identifying the genuine

June 27, 2016

We have found several articles that how to identify the genuine product or counterfeit on the internet recently. We would like to announce you that all the articles are not officially admitted by Carrot Company® Co., Ltd., and many of them contain the wrong information. By the request of the customs in each country of Asia, we cannot make an official announcement regarding the identification of the genuine products

Regarding a handle button of our most famous classic type of backpacks, there is an argument that which button 'star-mark' or 'CARROT-logo' the genuine is.
Please note that both 'star-mark' and 'CARROT-logo' are our genuine products.

Unfortunately, there are already some counterfeits with both types of buttons.

We would strongly recommend NOT purchasing the products that are said 'directly from the factory in China' or the cheaper products.