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Because of current dyeing techniques, colors may transfer through rubbing and other ways. The risk of color transfer is particularly high when used together with light colored items and when moist due to rain or perspiration.

When opening the package, you might notice an odor caused by chemicals used in surface treatment, adhesives, or other materials. This is unavoidable due to the properties of the materials and processing used. If the odor bothers you, remove the product from the package, open it, and let it air out for a while indoors.

This product may show some minor individual differences or color variations. Similarly, parts using leather or suede may show individual differences in color and texture.

Products for which apparel washing or garment washing has been conducted may show shrinking during processing, some color transfer, fraying, scratching, or individual differences in fading or final size.

Please refrain from laundering or dry cleaning the product. Remove any soiling by wiping with a dry white cloth. For severe soiling, wipe lightly with a white cloth soaked in a small amount of a neutral detergent diluted in a large amount of water. First test on an inconspicuous part of the product, since some materials may experience fading or discoloration as a result.

Keep in a well-ventilated place, out of direct sunlight.

Note that placing excessively heavy items inside the product could cause damage.